Carmel Offers a broad Variety of blown film extrusion line for numerous diverse applications Like grocery bag, T-Shirt bags, mulch film, grow bag, garbage bag, food Packaging, Shipping Packaging film, and many other using HM, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, as raw material. Whether You need Compact models for Producing monolayer films are Custom-built Co-extrusion machine for Manufacturing Multilayer films. We can absolutely fulfill your requirements.


  • Auto Tension controller.
  • Exhaust Duet.
  • Ink circulation plump.
  • Chambered doctor blade system.
  • Auto leader.
  •  A specifically designed micrometric adjustment system is provided at each printing station to have fine premium from anilox roll to printing cylinder and from printing cylinder to final product.
  • Perfect registration.
  • Uniform impression.
  • Dynamically balanced and hard chrome plated rollers.
  • Air drying system fitted with high velocity centrifugal far.
  • Double or single winder.
  • Ability to quickly change the print design Less maintenance is required with parts that tend to have longer operating life.